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Golang SSH, marshalling, unmarshalling

Golang is a wonderful language to deal with the SSH protocol. It’s mostly due to the SSH library which is pretty exhaustive. However, when I had to deal with external requirements like SSH Agent or OpenSSH I experienced a lack of example and struggled a bit interfacing. In this article we will see how to exchange keys between a program written in Go and those tools using files. This means to output our keys in a proper format (marshaling) and being able to read them (unmarshalling) from the external tool format. Read More...

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A pretty good security advice would be to never write down a password unencrypted on disk. This can be pretty tricky to achieve, especially on personal and development environments. So let me introduce gopass which is a tool aiming to help with this problem. First of all, let me say it right away, the CLI interface is not that good. Took me a lot of time to set things properly as options may be cryptic and behavior is not obvious as first sight. Read More...

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Alpine on a Raspberry (part 2)

I had to buy a new raspberry (the old one did not survive :p), a version 3 A+. Now, I will go over again the installation process. Since I encountered a few new problems. Setup SD Card This is exactly the same as the previous version. So I let you check out the other article. First boot and in-memory setup Here a few changes, using a version 3A+ requires to setup the wifi. Read More...

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Alpine on a Raspberry

Lately, I decided to re-install my old Raspberry Pi (version 1, yes I’m that old) to create a small home server. Since I am using Alpine and liking it quite a lot, I wanted to install it on my new little toy project. I followed documentations and tutorials ( here and here) and finally succeeded. I am now writing it down so I remember what has been achieved. Setup SD Card This one was quite tricky because if anything is not exactly what is expected your raspberry will never boot! Read More...

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Introducing Y2J (Yaml to Json converter)

This post is only to present a small project and the reasons behind it. Hope it can help other people. Why this project I am massively using jq in my shell scripts to deal with APIs. It is a powerfull tool and really help my day to day work. A few weeks ago I had to do the same kind of operations on a Yaml file, I started looking out there for alternative, and found some tooling which are translating Yaml to Json then push it to jq: here is an example. Read More...

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Git amend history

This post is a simple copy of this answer, go there to see the original. As I am using git extensively in my day to day life/job, I encountered the issue to simply amend a commit which is already two or three commits before the current one. I could use git rebase -i with some stashing to apply the changes at the proper moment. This is most of the time a viable solution, however, it may be complicated because I have too much new code and stashing would be complicated. Read More...

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Simple HTTPs server

Sometimes we need to create a simple server saying hello through https. Here is a simple snippet to achieve this in a shell. # first we generate a self signed certificate for domain foo openssl req -new -newkey rsa:4096 -x509 -sha256 -days 365 -nodes \ -out foo.crt -keyout foo.key -subj "/" # then we start a server using socat sudo socat "ssl-l:443,cert=foo.crt,key=foo.key,verify=0,fork,reuseaddr" \ SYSTEM:"echo HTTP/1.0 200; echo Content-Type\: text/plain; echo; echo Hello World\! Read More...

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Log, FP and fun in Golang

Golang implementation of a simple logger is subject to some criticism. First, it does not use any extendable pattern, the only interface we can inject to modify the behavior of the logger is a writer interface. Also, the lack of a proper log level control is a subject of discussion in the community here, here, or this blog post. This post is more a reflexion around APIs and tricks in Golang than a production ready package. Read More...


Parallel runners with teardown in go

From time to time in go I have to start multiple small services acting in parallel. For example, a ssh server tied to an administration console (one is running on port 80 the other on port 22), or a kafka consumer pushing to a database and a website to serve those informations. You can decouple this in multiple programs, or run them through some kind of a manager and handle everything at the same place. Read More...

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Filepath Walk bug?

During the development of a small project I noticed something strange with golang’s function filepath.Walk. If you are going over a directory, and return filepath.SkipDir error on a file entry. The walker will stop. Setup directory First, set up a simple directory to walk mkdir -p foo/baz touch foo/bar touch foo/baz/qux Run the script Now, let’s run this example script, with the previous directory as the entry argument. I will reuse the example from golang documentation website with small changes. Read More...

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